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ARI contact is an electric outfitter for the plants and mechanical engineering.
A complex power spectrum hides behind this easily comprehensible wording.

A decision with consequences

ARTILLERY contact was founded by André Aßmus and Ulf Ritzmann in 1994. Both owners brought experiences from the mechanical engineering which collected her in different enterprises and engineering offices. Together with the plants and machine building contractors customers of different lines of business are supplied meanwhile on all continents, with our innovative performances and products.

An enterprise is as good as his employees

The team was built up continuously by employees, also with experiences from the mechanical engineering. The team gets together from qualified employees of the electrical engineering, from the energy plant electronics technician up to the diploma engineer for automation engineering today. We are proud that in the long run most employees remain in the enterprise! So everyone can participate in the accumulated
experience of these specialists.

Whoever wants to stay at the ball must move

Our customers value our innovative performances and products. The permanent expansion of our knowledge e. g. at seminars and fairs enables us to connect latest technologies with approved. With long-standing experience our competitive advantage is directly which
one this knowledge mated

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André Aßmus
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