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Hochgeladene Bilddatei      Hochgeladene Bilddatei      Hochgeladene Bilddatei

location: Russia

purpose: Fully automatic abrasion of bulk goods stockpiles (potash, salt)

- track stocked portal with lowerable jibs The calculation is
- carried out jib the one to the mound abrasion with circulating scratching flat tires on basis of all way and angle positions required driving and 
  piston stroke way. The abrasion of the mound is carried out fully automatically without deployment of personnel.
- The amount of abrasions is regulated in the settlement ribbon and provided by the conducting observation point over
   ribbon scales automatically.
- this one becomes undercarriages balancedly without interruption of the support automatically The device is
- operated with isolation supervision at a net (IT net).

- delivery of the complete cubicle. Fitted with control, air conditioning and driver's seat
- control Siemens Simatic with PROFINET
- Siemens TP 177 for visualization
- connection to conducting system via a sure industrial WLAN
- ABB ACS frequency converter
- Stole winches
- CONDUCTIX WAMPFLER engine cable drum
- DELIMON central lubrication

- Ghost

Hall Service Tool

Hochgeladene Bilddatei     Hochgeladene Bilddatei     Hochgeladene Bilddatei

location: Germany

purpose: Maintenance of the Beschallungs and lighting engineering, cleaning of the greenhouses

- stationary, complete in the ground piston stroke hydraulic ramp that can be lowered
- The floor for the floor opening is put up on the device and locks completely the floor opening in the sunk condition.
- The hall maintenance device consists of a scissor piston stroke stage - with a rotatable joint arm piston stroke stage put on on this.
- redundant hydraulic pumps, one of this battery buffered for the rescue and sinking at net blackout

- control Siemens Simatic with professional bus
- Siemens TP 177 for visualization
- electro-hydraulic basket levelling
- rotary transformer between a rigid and rotatable part for mains voltage and professional bus
- own developed USV

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