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Remote Control / Service

Why to the distance roam? the good lies so near.

Teleservice = quickness help + low costs

Plane doesn't work. Know they this? We select the components from the beginning, so that the access over the Internet most possible except for this one „intelligent“Field controllers are possible. This is: Access from the desk to all controls, drive voltage system converter and valve islands.

To make the analysis of disturbances being behind possible, we take all accrued disturbing reports down with timestamp in the plant control. By teleservice this archive is then out readable any time.

Access to the plant + record keeping = perfects fault analysis

The service technician has the complete summary of the short-term plant condition, can analyze disturbances being behind and can if necessary carry out program and parameter changes. The internet connection can be realized about the customer company network or about the mobile phone network. The safety before attacks from the Internet is ensured by the use of a VPN tunnel.

Expensive and complicated? Nil return!

The additional costs are probably already muted by an avoided service use, in addition, her customer also will recognize advantages for himself and be ready to bear costs. We establish them t

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